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Sherilyn Adcock, RPh, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer, Early Phase Development

Sarah Rose Anderson

Executive Director, Oncology, Therapeutic Strategy Lead, Business Development

Derek Ansel

Senior Director, Therapeutic Strategy Lead, Rare Diseases

Tamara Ast, PhD

Senior Vice President, Project Management, Neuroscience

Rolana Avrumson

Senior Director of Clinical Projects, Clinical Assessment Technologies

Tom Babic, MD, PhD

Vice President, Scientific Solutions, Neuroscience

Scott Beasley

Executive Director, Project Management, NASH

Lucy Bennett

Senior Director, Project Management

Peter Benton, MBA

President and Co-CEO

David Bowser, MBA

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Ian Braithwaite, PhD

Senior Vice President, Project Management, General Medicine and Rare Disease

Mireille Cantarini, BSc, MB, ChB, MRCP, FFPM

Senior Medical Director, Medical Affairs, Oncology

Angelico Carta, MD


Idil Cavus, MD, PhD

Vice President, Central Nervous System Therapeutic Area Lead, Medical Affairs

Giovanna Morley

Vice President, Commercial, US West & Mid-West

Cheryl Chapman

Senior Director, Project Management

Steve Chriscoe

Executive Director, Project Management

Joy Clark

Chief People Officer

Stephen Coates

Executive Director, Project Management, Alzheimer’s Disease and other Dementias

Neal Cutler, MD

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sara Davis

Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer

Wolfram Dempke

Vice President Scientific Solutions, Hematology & Oncology

Daksha Desai-Krieger, PhD

Head of Bioanalytical Sciences

Phillip Doyle

Executive Vice President, Global Head of Quality

Natalia Drosopoulou, PhD

Vice President, Project Management, Psychiatry, Alzheimer’s Disease and other Dementias

Barry Dussault

Executive Director, Project Management, Franchise Area Lead, Analgesia, Addiction, and Neurology Rare Disorders

Jim Eamma

Senior Director, Project Management, Oncology & Hematology

Ted Finlan

Senior Vice President, Project Planning & Administration

Gary Fishbein, MD, MPH

Executive Medical Director, Therapeutic Area Medical Lead, Medical Affairs

Andre Ganem

Vice President, Global Site Management

Hazel Gorham, BSc (Hons), PhD

Senior Director, Project Management

Soneil Guptha, MD, FACC, FESC, FCCP, AFPM

Senior Medical Director, Medical Affairs, Cardiovascular, Endocrine & Metabolic

Karen Hill

Senior Vice President, Project Management, Cardiovascular, Endocrine & Metabolic and Real-World Evidence

Alaeddin Homsi, M.S., B.S.

Executive Director, Project Management, Oncology & Hematology

Monika Iten, PhD

Vice President Project Management, Cardiovascular

Akbar Jaffer

Director, Project Management, Real-World Evidence

Bartosz Janikowski, MD

Senior Vice President, Medical & Scientific Affairs

Aman Khera

Global Head of Regulatory Strategy

Richard Koenig

Executive Director, Project Management, Psychiatry and Neuroscience Rare Diseases


Peter Lammers

Executive Vice President of Marketing and Commercial Operations

Wioletta Laszczewska, MD, PhD

Senior Medical Director, Medical Affairs

Lisa Leuzzi

Vice President, Project Management, Psychiatry and Neurology

Mike Mencer

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Early Phase Drug Development

Christine Moore, PhD

Vice President, Neuroscience, Scientific Solutions

Anne-Claude Muratet

Executive Director, Project Management, Neurology and Rare Diseases

Michael Murphy, MD, PhD

Chief Medical and Scientific Officer

Nancy Newark, RN

Executive Director, Project Management, Cardiovascular

Gerardo Pascuali

Executive Director, Regional Clinical Operations, Latin America

Paula Penney

Executive Director, Project Management, Alzheimer’s Disease and other Dementias

Joanna Reeder

Vice President, Project Management, Other and Rare Diseases

Henry J. Riordan, PhD

Chief Development Officer

Jeffrey T. Rudolph, MBA

Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations, Global

Lona Sheeran

Senior Vice President, Head of Clinical Pharmacology Solutions

Cara Staley

Vice President, Commercial, US East

Jeff Trotter, MBA

Senior Vice President, Scientific Solutions, Real-World Evidence

Eteri Tsetskhladze, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC

Vice President, General Medicine Medical Lead, Medical Affairs

Brian Tuttle, CPA, MBA

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Mary Glenn Vreeland

Senior Director, Real-World Evidence

Clare Wallis

Senior Vice President, Project Management

Emile Youssef, MD, PhD

Vice President, Oncology Scientific Solutions

Rafal Ziecina, MD, PhD

Executive Director, Scientific Solutions, Cardiovascular, Endocrine & Metabolic

Jeffrey Zucker, MS

Senior Vice President, Global Clinical Operations, Site Management & Trial Optimization

Barbara Zupancic

Senior Director, Patient Recruitment and Retention