Thoughtful, Targeted Research for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients

We’re creating novel operational approaches to shape a whole new – more rigorous – future for cognition research.

Dedicated and committed team

Our experienced Alzheimer’s and Dementia team will make it clear why our clients come back again and again. Our project managers, physicians, statisticians, supply chain managers, central laboratory techs, and operations experts keep a laser focus on the holistic goal—improved patient health—from start to finish. We engage key opinion leaders and regulatory advisors early and often. And we work hard to make each study an experience we’d be proud to offer our own loved ones if they needed it.

Tom Babic, MD, PhD

Vice President, Scientific Solutions, Neuroscience

Tom Babic, MD, PhD, Vice President of the Neuroscience Franchise at Worldwide Clinical Trials, is a therapeutic leader in neurology medical and scientific affairs, with experience in both industry and academia. Currently, Dr. Babic provides scientific and medical leadership for global neurology clinical research initiatives. He is involved in hypothesis generation and testing, protocol design and development, and clinical analysis of results for all phases of clinical drug development.

Paula Penney

Executive Director, Project Management, Alzheimer’s Disease and other Dementias

Peter Böhm

Senior Director Project Management, Neuroscience – Spain

Extra support offers a major advantage in a crowded research indication

Most drug programs in Alzheimer’s and dementia research could benefit from an extensive array of cognition-focused teams ready to apply their knowledge amassed over the past four decades in the neuroscience field. When you work with Worldwide, that’s what you get—a host of experts engaged with you, from site staff all the way through our senior leadership—ready to make your program a success. 

Project teams experienced in dementias—including the Cognitive Task Force Team

Our expert advisors have undisputed medical, scientific, and operational experience in Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Our professionals participate in everything from Alzheimer’s disease Assessment Scale (ADAS) development of a Cognitive Task Force for large trials, which helps meet enrollment goals faster, save millions, and improve site, PI and KOL interactions.

Compound experience unlike anyone else

Our teams include neuropsychologists and neuroimaging experts who have contributed to the development of every drug class applicable to dementia diseases in the past 30 years. We have worked with all types of compounds,—so there’s nothing we can’t handle.

Site relationships around the globe

Worldwide has built a global network of leading investigators and consultants for the past 40+ years. We’ve taken our time to cultivate the best locations for neuroscience imaging, CSF & biomarker studies, and dementia substudies.

Integrated rater training and patient data quality support for clinical assessment technologies

Worldwide is one of the few full-service CROs that can provide integrated rater training, scale management, and management of electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA) vendors. Our expertise unites patient experience and practical designs with rigorous data that position trials for success.

Neuroscience Experience

Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia

Our Cognitive Task Force and scale development work speak volumes about our commitment to Alzheimer’s and dementia research. At Worldwide, we design and execute rigorous, compassionate studies we’d be happy to have our own family and friends take part in, carefully protecting the patient experience and maintaining compelling data integrity to get products to market even in this competitive research space.


Worldwide was founded to help improve research for neurology patients. Decades later, we’ve done it all, working on a dizzying number of compounds and indications in every phase. Now Worldwide is one of the few full-service CROs that provides integrated rater training, scale management, bespoke assessment development, and a broad range of other highly specialized consulting services in addition to our top-notch global network of study execution experts.

Pain & Addiction

Worldwide leads the way in best practice development for pain and addiction research. We have seen it all, which helps us offer the right blend of tried-and-true logistics, creative study designs, and thoughtful outcomes measures to augment objectivity in this otherwise nebulous field of research.

Rare & Other

Rare neurological diseases each have unique hurdles for developing compelling outcomes assessments that can demonstrate efficacy with small patient populations. Worldwide is a leader in rare disease recruitment, novel endpoint development, and innovative study designs. We deliver specialty studies that apply our overarching knowledge in neurological conditions and rare diseases to thoughtful study designs, respecting patient communities and generating the data sponsors need to advance their compound to market.


A crowded research space makes it difficult to weed the subjectivity out of the science—which demands a CRO with psychiatry know-how from the ground up and the top down. Our proven track record for patient recruitment and engaged investigator networks speaks volumes about our expertise in psychiatric trial development and execution.


We’ve been a part of industry-sponsored psychedelic trials since they began. Our Psychedelic Center of Excellence has a comprehensive approach to the complex operational delivery of these trials and working with patients and sites for study success.