Harness real-world evidence for informed decisions and better outcomes.

As a drug developer, you know that regulatory approval is the first step of many to successfully commercialize your asset. At this stage, your stakeholders will expand to include prescribers, patients, payors, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. From health economics to observational studies, we’ve got you covered with Worldwide’s real-world evidence (RWE) experts.

Our innovative approach and years of experience enable us to support you with meaningful insights into the real-world value of treatments. Partner with us early to avoid delays and ensure smooth regulatory approval.

Ready to improve patient outcomes? Leverage the power of RWE.

The value of RWE is clear: By unlocking the power of real-world evidence, you gain deep insights into everyday healthcare practices and their underlying dynamics. This valuable knowledge can then be leveraged to drive informed decision-making, enhance safety, improve effectiveness, and ultimately achieve better patient outcomes. RWE is the key to a smarter, more impactful approach to healthcare advancement.

You’ll always have direct access to a team examining the past and present to optimize the future.

Here at Worldwide, we bring to the table more than 100 combined years of experience in RWE strategy and operations across a diverse range of therapeutic areas. Whether you’re a small biotech or a top pharmaceutical company, our team understands each organization’s unique needs. No project is too small for our dedicated team members, who approach every engagement with a strategic and consultative mindset.

Our first step is identifying your specific challenges, followed by developing tailored solutions to address them effectively. You can trust our cross-functional consultation and dedicated real-world evidence business team to provide the expertise you need across therapeutic areas. Among others, our capabilities include:

  • Patient, drug, and pregnancy registries
  • Non-interventional and low-interventional observational studies
  • Pragmatic clinical trials
  • Post-approval safety studies
  • Long-term outcome and survival studies
  • Phase IIIB / IV clinical trials

Our Dedicated Team

Mary Glenn Vreeland

Senior Director, Real-World Evidence

Lisa Mummert

Senior Director, Evidence

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