Stay flexible with a technology-agnostic approach.

Where do you start with technology solutions in your clinical trial?

There are many stages of study design, each one increasingly complex. With countless vendors ready to support the various aspects of study execution, knowing where to begin can be confusing and difficult.  

Why is technology-agnostic a better approach?

At Worldwide Clinical Trials, we focus on the big-picture strategy for your specific needs. We respect that you may have preferred technology solutions, and we’re prepared to work with any system that enables your success. If you are unfamiliar with technology or are open to our recommendations, we can assess your trial’s unique parameters and identify the vendors best suited to the demands of your program.

Rest assured, we don’t provide a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, our people and drive for optimal integration make our approach to each program one-of-a-kind. Throughout every aspect of your trial, we’re available to provide the best recommendations fit for your purposes while maintaining complete transparency and addressing problems as they arise.

Meet Our Experts

Ted Finlan

Senior Vice President, Project Planning & Administration

  • 20+ years of experience in project management, process improvement, and technology leadership with a passion for how technology can support more efficient studies.
  • Drives results by harnessing the combined utility of people, processes, and technology.

Rachel Furnish

Senior Director, Clinical Systems

  • 15+ years of experience in the industry, bringing strong analytical and software testing skills
  • Responsible for delivery of high-quality data to clients throughout all aspects of the software development life cycle while maintaining high levels of customer service and communications

Jorge Araneta

Senior Director, Technical Delivery & Analytics

  • 10+ years of experience in analytics with proven track record in developing complex requirements to meet user needs
  • Surpasses expectations by providing cost-efficient processes, systems, and/or reporting enhancements to reduce overall costs and time

We implement solutions that fit your priorities.

Along with focusing on your strategy, we also work with your priorities in terms of budget, scope, and schedule. To do so, we accurately assess how much time and money is required to reach your goals and work to build solutions that align with your ambitions.

We have relationships in place to take the guesswork out.

As part of your partnership with a full-service CRO, you can rely on us for the technology while you focus on moving your drug development program forward. Throughout our 35+ year history, we’ve built relationships with the best-of-breed tech providers and can offer you the leading platforms suited for your purposes. Take the guesswork out of technology and trust us for all your program needs.

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