Patient Recruitment and Retention

Facilitating enrollment success and enhancing patient and site engagement in clinical research

Customized Recruitment Strategy

Utilizing our vast expertise and working closely with our study team, we will create a customized recruitment strategy aimed at increasing awareness of clinical trial opportunities along the patient journey. This strategy will involve effective communication with potential participants, bolstering support for clinical research sites, and enhancing the overall study experience.

Your trusted source for patient recruitment & retention every step of the way.

Build Study Awareness

Developing a strong brand identity is essential to distinguish your study in a crowded research landscape. Our materials are crafted to engage potential patients with clear, patient-friendly messaging, enhancing the visibility and appeal of your study amidst competition.

Direct to Patient Outreach

To supplement the patient pool at research sites, we’ll partner with trusted vendors to reach potential participants beyond their database with social media, digital ad placement, and relevant patient groups. All efforts direct to a study website with a referral management platform for detailed metrics and ROI reporting.

Site Engagement

Our Clinical Trial Liaisons excel in strategic recruitment strategies and cultivating robust connections with investigators and site personnel. They offer customized site coaching to identify study-specific challenges, offer expert advice on best practices, and enhance patient recruitment and retention efforts.

Health Equity

Our Health Equity team brings extensive experience in site-level clinical operations to effectively implement DEI strategies into actionable solutions across all facets of clinical research.

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