Experience In Patient Recruitment & Retention

Worldwide Clinical Trials provides the best possible blend of expertise and services in patient recruitment and retention based on study needs, indication and timelines.

Recruiting Patients – Driving Enrollment across the Globe

Worldwide has highly experienced study coordinators located across the globe. This unique resource means that we’re able to help you overcome the many challenges of running recruitment for global trials, including:

  • Executing successful patient recruitment on time and on budget
  • Working through local ethics and regulatory approval processes
  • Ensuring that we meet cultural and language demands of working in diverse parts of the world

Retaining Patients

Recruiting patients is only part of the process. Patient dropout can be a problem for long trials, making it essential to include a retention strategy in the protocol. Achieving this requires an understanding of the physical and emotional aspects of trial participation.

Recruiting Healthy Volunteers for Clinical Trial Participation

Worldwide Clinical Trials recruits healthy volunteers and patients from a population of more than 26 million people in Texas. We employ highly experienced, multilingual patient representatives who pre-screen study candidates and maintain a robust proprietary database. Visit Participate in a Study for additional information on our state-of-the-art facilities and current studies.

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