This is who we are.

We’re a team of clinicians, scientists, and researchers who want to make healthcare better. We were founded on an unwavering commitment to authentic, personalized attention. And today, as CROs consolidate and the industry changes rapidly, that personalized attention is more important than ever.

We all came to this industry for different reasons, from different walks of life. If you ask any one of us why we’re here, you’ll get a different answer. And that’s what makes us special.

What sets us apart? Three qualities drive everything we do.

We’re personal.

We’re committed to customized needs for every clinical research program we launch, and our clients know our team by name.

We’re accessible.

We’re accessible. No matter where our clients are, you can connect with us when you need us.

We’re united with you.

We believe working together to harness great ideas will lead us to a healthier world.

Peter Benton, MBA
President and Chief Executive Officer

We’re making a difference the “Worldwide Way.”

What’s the Worldwide Way? It’s our dedicated approach that delivers efficient, quality clinical trials and helps sponsors navigate an increasingly complex drug development environment.

Our methodology and delivery puts our partners first in each and every program. We tailor this approach to match the unique medical, scientific, and regulatory needs of everyone we work with.

Our methodology

Our methodology is based on personalized attention. In order to provide the best possible solutions for you, we promote communication and collaboration. We believe cross-functional teamwork can overcome project challenges and create a close team bond with our partners as we work side-by-side toward a common goal.

We pair you with experienced Therapeutic Leads — medical and scientific advisors that understand the disease state and the potential challenges the trial could present. Each Therapeutic Lead is educated in our project management process, as well as the clinical indication and patient population of the project.

As we work with you on your project, we all follow a core set of
standards that frame how we operate and guide our strategic direction.

  • Use best practices as the foundation for operational
  • Follow a clear, repeatable, and consistent process.
  • Align expectations, planning, and goals for each project from
    the start.
  • Manage and communicate risk throughout each project.
  • Provide teams with a central knowledge base to stay up to date.

It’s time to bring clarity to complex drug development.

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