Scott Beasley

Executive Director, Project Management, MASH, Cardiovascular & Metabolic

Scott Beasley is Executive Director, Project Management, MASH, Cardiovascular & Metabolic at Worldwide Clinical Trials. In his 25 years in the industry, he has managed complex MASH programs and developed a training program to address the unique challenges associated with clinical trials in MASH/MAFLD. As MASH Franchise Area Lead, he provides project oversight, including the development of strategies to identify and mitigate potential risks, while empowering and motivating team members to achieve optimal study results.

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Scott’s experience includes project management, clinical team management, portfolio development, and training across all phases of development, including compassionate use programs. Prior to his role at Worldwide, he was a Senior Director, Operations, who oversaw a significant portfolio of several hepatology programs with various small to midsize sponsors. Most of his work within hepatology has been Phase II and III MASH/MAFLD as well as PBC (primary biliary cirrhosis). He is recognized as a strong leader and a highly effective, motivational team player with an excellent track record in program delivery, driving business results.

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