VP, Regulatory Science, Strategy and Innovation

Aman Khera, Vice President, Regulatory Science, Strategy and Innovation at Worldwide Clinical Trials, has been providing global strategic direction in regulatory affairs for nearly three decades. She has built her career on maintaining fastidious patient care with the pragmatism needed to help clients achieve effective regulatory and development strategies. Aman is available to consult with companies of all sizes, as well as their funding entities, to support their goals – with the primary aim of serving humanity as a whole.

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Aman is Vice President, Regulatory Science, Strategy and Innovation at Worldwide. She has earned her nickname: Rebel Regulator, with nearly three decades worth experience in life sciences clinical research, advising biotech and pharma companies. She is an accomplished leader and expert in regulatory affairs, holding a track record of success within the CRO environment in providing global strategic direction in regulatory affairs. She has led regulatory strategy and development services on a wide variety of regulatory projects for a variety of client sponsor companies, ranging from virtual companies to large companies in many therapeutic indications.

Aman is passionate about developing comprehensive strategies. Her career has been built on helping clients achieve their end-to-end regulatory strategies – from early agency engagement to commercialization. Her passion is for interweaving regulatory perspectives into all aspects of the product development journey, her role has been to guide each organization to find its optimal pathway.

Aman’s career has wholly been in the CRO space and joined Worldwide from a large global CRO, where, during her 17-year tenure, she led and developed many functions and services within regulatory, ranging from regulatory intelligence to business development and streamlining the many initiatives to develop regulatory services. As a change maker, she is passionate about the “people” aspect of the CRO business as well as strategic operations in building, engaging, and retaining teams and how this translates to a positive impact on healthcare. Her leadership style transfers easily across boundaries to create strong bridges—among internal groups, sponsors, regulatory agencies, and advocacy organizations. Her counsel is both strategic and pragmatic, and importantly highly sought after.

Her intrapreneurial spirit has led her to co-chair Worldwide’s DEIB Council, as well as co-leading Health Equity strategy for sponsors and project teams.

She is an active volunteer in industry associations, serving in various capacities at RAPS, TOPRA and DIA and has obtained fellow status at RAPS and TOPRA. In 2017, she was shortlisted for an industry-wide Regulatory Excellence award in the Inspiration category and now serves on the esteemed and distinguished panel of judges for the Excellence Awards.

In 2021 she obtained PharmaVOICE 100 honoree status, recognized as one of the most influential and inspiring people in the life sciences industry. She is credited with multiple publications, webinars, and presentations and is a sought-after speaker and thought leader in industry.

As a member of the extended care circle for a pediatric rare disease patient, her passion extends far beyond just work.

With a deep foundation in global regulatory affairs and the life sciences industry, Aman looks at how regulatory, strategy and innovation are intersecting within healthcare. An advisor, board member and mentor in industry she has deep interest in how technological innovations continues to disrupt industry, and how regulations, ethics and compliance will continue to have a loud voice at the healthcare table.

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