Nicola Thorne

Vice President of Oncology Project Management

Nicola Thorne is a seasoned leader in the realm of clinical trial management with a specialization in oncology. As the Vice President of Oncology Project Management at Worldwide Clinical Trials since March 2023, she brings a wealth of experience that combines a rich history of project management expertise in the pharmaceutical and CRO industry with a focus on oncology and hematology. Nicola is renowned for her strategic vision and leadership, ensuring the operational and financial delivery of projects aligns with the highest standards and client expectations. She champions the integration of strong governance, clinical best practices, and team leadership to advance therapeutic innovations. Nicola’s expertise extends to developing impactful client relationships, driving business strategies, and leading high-performing project management teams to deliver consistent results. Her expertise is pivotal in steering project teams towards achieving strategic objectives while fostering robust relationships with clients and stakeholders.

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Nicola has a dynamic career trajectory marked by progressive leadership roles within the clinical research industry before coming to Worldwide in August 2021. Prior to her pivotal role at Worldwide, Nicola held the position of Executive Director of Project Management, where she was instrumental in overseeing the financial performance across departments, developing strategic business proposals, and maintaining key client relationships. Her tenure at Worldwide is marked by her ability to ensure project deliverables meet and exceed sponsor and organizational expectations.

Nicola's extensive experience also includes her significant contributions at Covance and Chiltern, where she advanced from Senior Project Manager to Senior Director within the Global Project Leadership Team, fostering a culture of project management excellence and supporting global project delivery with consistency and high standards. Nicola is committed to nurturing talent within her teams, emphasizing the importance of training and development. She believes in the power of effective communication and the need for clear and concise roles within project teams. Her approach to project management is characterized by a consistent focus on operational and financial delivery, strategic planning, and risk management.

Nicola has managed global clinical trials across all phases (I-III) and has a comprehensive understanding of various therapeutic areas. Her specialized knowledge in oncology encompasses solid tumors, hematologic malignancies, and rare disorders.

Her earlier roles at YM BioSciences Inc., Adiga Life Sciences Inc., Viventia Biotechnologies Inc., and MDS Pharma Services provided Nicola with a robust foundation in clinical research management, project planning, and execution of clinical trials across a range of therapeutic areas and further cemented her reputation as a forward-thinking manager capable of handling complex clinical trials with finesse.

Nicola continues to lead with a strategic vision, ensuring that Worldwide Clinical Trials remains at the forefront of oncology research, driving innovations that translate into improved outcomes for patients worldwide. Nicola’s relentless commitment to excellence, deep understanding of oncology clinical trials, and unwavering focus on client satisfaction make her an invaluable asset to Worldwide Clinical Trials and an influential figure for oncology-focused pharmaceutical clients looking for a partner who can navigate the complexities of drug development with strategic finesse and operational integrity.

Nicola's foundation in science is attributed to her Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Psychology from McMaster University, earned in 2000.

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