Dana F. Durst

Executive Director, Site Activation & Regulatory Therapeutic Lead, Oncology

Dana F. Durst, Executive Director, Site Activation & Regulatory Therapeutic Lead, Oncology, at Worldwide Clinical Trials has more than 16 years of clinical research experience. Her experience ranges among a broad span of therapeutic areas including oncology, gene therapy, NASH, dermatology, ophthalmology, and cardiovascular studies extending from Phase I-IV. She has overseen all aspects of startup as well as maintenance activities in a variety of countries worldwide in both early and late phase trials, and with both small, agile clients and large clients.

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Dana's passion within her leadership role is the management of her team and providing the guidance, knowledge, and support to be successful within their day to day. She prefers the mid-size CRO space where her, along with her team can be more flexible with customers and work collaboratively as one team.

Dana has a Bachelor’s in Communication degree from University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

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