Emmet Browne

Vice President, Commercial EU

Emmet Browne, Vice President, Commercial EU at Worldwide Clinical Trials, has nearly three decades of experience in clinical research, having spent half of his time in biometric operations across academia, CRO and pharma companies, and the other half in commercial roles across CRO and Technology providers. This provides Emmet with a unique insight into operationalizing your clinical trials, by providing a truly consultative approach to help each sponsor get the right data to make the right decisions for their asset.

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Emmet is the VP of Commercial EU, he is an accomplished clinical biometric expert, having worked in an academic site as a researcher, in data management for CROs, Biotech, Phase I unit. He was also the chair of the ACDM for a number of years allowing him to appreciate the benefits and challenges with clinical trial data.

Emmet was given an opportunity to be part of a commercial organization in a small CRO, and quickly followed by working with a technology vendor. Spending over 3 years in technology allowed Emmet to understand the importance these relationships have in the success or failure of your study.

Emmet joined Worldwide over 6 years ago, and has spent many years working the EU territories, and still enjoys watching the company grow and get stronger every day. Hs journey has exposed Emmet to all aspects of drug development for which he is grateful, and he is always happy to speak with any client or peer about how we can make clinical trials more effective to bring treatments to patients faster!

Emmet has Bachelor of Science degrees from University of Galway and Guildford with BSc(Hons), with an MBA (Open University).

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