Three Reasons Military Veterans Should Consider a Career Path in Clinical Trials

By Dave Bowser, Chief Operating Officer,

I look back on my days as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps, and the skills I learned have driven my career success in healthcare, first working at Pfizer running drug development programs, and now at Worldwide Clinical Trials leading clinical research to bring drugs to market. There are three things that I attribute to my success and, this Veteran’s Day, I’m asking military veterans to join me in improving patients’ lives at Worldwide Clinical Trials. Exceptional project management skills Clinical trials are complex, so it is essential to have exceptional project management skills to ensure that trials are set up, enrolled, conducted, and reported on time and on budget. Military veterans typically possess this ability. The project management skills I used as a combat engineer to build bridges, roads, and explosives gave me the discipline that has been a common thread throughout my career. Commitment to a cause bigger than themselves Along with discipline and project management talent, military veterans have the commitment to a cause bigger than themselves. People at Worldwide care about the patients and want to see drugs get to market that can improve patients’ lives and drive healthcare forward. Along with this commitment comes the dedication and work ethic to spend the time. It’s easy to have a work ethic when you believe...

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5 Key Values: Confidence in Your Ideal CRO Partner

By The Editors at Uncommon Conversations,
CRO checklist

  Did you know that, by next year, 72% of trials are projected to be outsourced to contract research organizations (CROs)? We add value throughout the process: protocol design, study planning, feasibility, insights into sites, investigators, patient populations, common challenges, etc. They turn to us to accelerate their timelines, reduce costs and de-risk the study. There is a lot on the line. In this blog post, Worldwide Clinical Trials previews its recently developed checklist which lists the 5 most important values you need from your ideal CRO partner.

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