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The Art and the Science of Analgesia Research With Psychedelic Agents

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Despite medical advancements, non-addictive pain management solutions remain elusive. Recent interest in psychedelic research has shown promising results in other indications offering long-lasting relief and transformative healing, suggesting potential for analgesia. This white paper explores the innovative use of psychedelics in pain research. It examines how substances like psilocybin, LSD, DMT, MDMA, and ketamine can alter pain perception through neuroplasticity and changes in consciousness.

Key highlights include:

  • Scientific Basis: The role of 5-HT receptors and their impact on pain
  • Therapeutic Potential: How psychedelics offer lasting relief
  • Research Considerations: Essential factors for conducting successful psychedelic trials, including site selection, data collection, and regulatory compliance

Discover how these groundbreaking approaches are shaping the future of pain management.


Vice President, Neuroscience, Scientific Solutions
Executive Director, Project Management, Franchise Area Lead, Pain
Lissenya Argueta
Fellow, Clinical Research Methodology

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