Secure, Real-World Data Drives Enhanced Insights for Neurodegenerative Disease Trials

By Dr. Natalia Drosopoulou, Executive Director of Project Management and Franchise Area Lead in Neuroscience, Worldwide Clinical Trials,

  Neurodegenerative disease trials are challenging, but they don’t have to be. Optimizing clinical trial recruitment and outcomes with external data sets can open new opportunities for pharma and biotech companies seeking to enhance their trials in areas such as compliance, adherence, enrollment, safety, and even efficacy.

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Changing the Paradigm for Pediatric Clinical Trials

By The Editors of Talking Trials,

  Despite regulatory incentives for conducting pediatric clinical trials, there remains a gap between the need for and availability of therapies suitable for children. To address the need for targeted clinical research, Worldwide Clinical Trials and KinderPharm LLC have formed a strategic alliance to create the first integrated, end-to-end, global pediatric drug development and clinical center of excellence.

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Improving Clinical Research Trials: 5 Dos and Don’ts for Managing Business Operations

By David Bowser, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Global Clinical Development,

  It is a critical time for public and private sponsors of clinical research, and it is important for contract research organizations (CROs) to maintain optimal operations to effectively support a sponsor’s strategic goals as well as deliver the highest quality data. As a result, CROs must require a deep analysis of performance and alignment across operational functions, from regulatory compliance and information governance to patient recruitment, budgeting, and daily workflows.

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Insights into Brain Health and Central Nervous System (CNS) Clinical Trials

By the Editors of Talking Trials,

Brain health is one of 19 primary session topics that will be discussed at the Biotechnology Innovation Organization’s (BIO) annual conference. Neurological diseases are the leading cause of disability, according to a systematic analysis of data from 195 countries performed for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2015 (1). With 250.7 million years of healthy life lost due to death or disability caused by neurological disorders, this area of clinical research remains one of today’s most urgent challenges.

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Good Design Engenders Confidence in Health Economic Models

By Nancy Neil, PhD, Senior Director, Health Economics and Outcomes Research, Worldwide Evidence™, Worldwide Clinical Trials,

Next week, the Worldwide Evidence™ team will join colleagues and friends in Baltimore, MD, for the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) annual meeting. As a prelude to the conference, this blog covers several design best practices for building health economic models.

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