A message from our president and COO

a message from our president and coo
By Peter Benton, President and Chief Operating Officer,

To our Worldwide family and colleagues: The death of George Floyd has spurred protests throughout the world and has once again made it undeniably evident that change is needed. Not only here in the United States but also throughout the world where oppression has scarred generations. We can do better. And in a company like Worldwide, which was founded with the mission to improve lives, our mission must include Black lives and the lives of all oppressed people. Regardless of skin color or background. Racism, oppression, discrimination, and intolerance reflect the opposite of who we are. We will not stand for it.    Where do we start? How can we do our part to upend unjust practices and biases in our industry? I am uncomfortable speaking for others and talking in generalities about an issue at a time when real change is needed. But I don’t feel silence is the right answer. So rather than tell you what we’re doing at Worldwide to support our diverse teams, I’ve asked our teams for feedback and advice. My question to them: What does Worldwide’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace and values system need to look like? If you care to share, I’d also like to hear from you – what should meaningful action by those of us in the life...

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