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Revolutionizing Drug Development Through Bioanalytical Excellence: Enabling Automation in Bioanalysis for Optimal Results

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Discover the future of bioanalysis with Worldwide Clinical Trials’ innovative Total Lab Automation (TLA) system. Our cutting-edge solution addresses the industry’s most pressing challenges, enhancing assay lifecycle management, reducing study timelines, minimizing deviations, and cutting costs through advanced automation.

Key Features of Our TLA System:

    • Comprehensive Assay Lifecycle Management: Combat analyst turnover and assay transfer issues effortlessly.
    • Accelerated Study Timelines: Eliminate bottlenecks from manual sample analysis, speeding up drug development processes.
    • Enhanced Lab Process Adherence: Our system ensures strict adherence to lab work processes and documentation standards, reducing study deviations.
    • Cost Efficiency: Dramatically reduce reliance on human labor, saving on costs without compromising on quality.


Chief Scientific Officer, Large Molecule Bioanalysis

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