Employee Spotlight: Rubén Berdejo, Associate Director, Clinical Operations Site Management in León, Spain

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Get to know Rubén through this Q&A

  1. What attracted you to Worldwide, and what keeps you here?

    Before I joined Worldwide in June 2016, I worked at a large Contract Research Organization (CRO). In fact, my entire career as a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) was developed at large CROs, where the roles are very limited in their responsibilities, making it hard to learn anything different. I was contacted by a former colleague who was working at Worldwide at that time, and she explained how the work is here, along with the possibilities to learn new things and progress my career.

    When I joined Worldwide, I liked the company culture and the values aligned with my personality, which allowed me to feel comfortable anytime, and I found space to progress in my career.

  2. What are you most passionate about in your role at Worldwide?

    My favorite part of my role is collaborating with people from different countries, languages, and cultures. At Worldwide, there is always room to accommodate others in order to find the best way to work together so we all can achieve our results. Not only does this impact our professional growth, but our personal growth as well.

  3. What do you like most about your team or department?

    I primarily like the way the team works together collaboratively, without competition, and with a clear purpose. I also like getting involved in clinical management and having the opportunity to get involved in the clinical trial process with the main purpose of improving patients’ lives.

  4. Describe the culture at Worldwide.

    Worldwide has a combination of a customer-focused culture, aiming to meet their expectations and our promises, with a people-focused culture, trying to encourage collaboration, teamwork, and a healthy employee work-life balance.
    Of course, the company is always focused on ensuring we provide high-quality work.

  5. What motivates you most in working in the clinical research industry?

    My main motivation to work in this industry is the possibility to participate in a process with the ultimate goal of improving patients’ lives. Thanks to clinical trials, we can create new, innovative treatments for these patients.

  6. What’s the best career or life advice anyone ever gave you?

    Just be yourself, be happy, and live how you want to live, but without harming anyone.

  7. Describe your career – is it linear, or have you moved around into different departments or roles?

    My career progression has been quite linear. I began my career in clinical research as a CRA, and after several years, I started in a hybrid role of CRA/Lead Clinical Research Associate (LCRA), moving progressively to a Clinical Trial Manager (CTM) position. Then, I had the opportunity to move to Associate Clinical Operations Manager (COM), and most recently, I began working as Associate Director, Clinical Operation Site Management. I would also like to work in different departments at some point, and I know that working at Worldwide will give me those opportunities.

  8. How do you see employees embody our mission?

    We all work hard every day to provide proper trial management while ensuring patients receive adequate care to improve their lives, which aligns with Worldwide’s mission.

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