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Our bioanalytical lab and clinical pharmacology unit are within one-hour driving distance from each other, offering a comprehensive approach that enhances our clients’ success through streamlined vendor management, consistent standards, and overall efficiencies in project management.

State-of-the-art bioanalytical facility in Austin, TX

  • 60,000 sq. ft. laboratory facility with an excellent audit record and capacity to accommodate your bioanalysis needs today
  • Capabilities in small molecule and biologics, including PK, immunogenicity, and biomarkers
  • Collaborative network of multiple teams, including large molecule assay development, small molecule assay development, assay validation, sample testing, automation, BSM, sample management, and quality
  • End-to-end bioanalytical services as our lab assists with critical reagents generation, labeling and characterization, TK/PK data analysis, and report preparation

Clinical pharmacology unit in San Antonio, TX 

  • 200-bed, highly flexible, fit-for-purpose unit with a 17-year track record across a wide range of ClinPharm Studies from design to report
  • Access to over 2.5 million subjects within the San Antonio metropolitan area
  • Conducts trials in healthy volunteers, patients, and specialty populations including, overweight/obese, post-menopausal/surgically sterile females, healthy elderly, renal impairment, hepatic impairment, metabolic syndrome, T2DM, dyslipidemias, and NASH
  • cGMP Phase I Pharmacy onsite, CLIA Safety Lab onsite, and a fully validated eSource data collection system

Our priority is to help you reduce risk by developing a drug development strategy that accelerates approval and gets new therapies to patients faster.

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