Patient Population and Accessibility Prompts Expansion into Latin America

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latin america patient meeting

Latin America offers many advantages for clinical research, and these benefits are creating an opportunity to drive new clinical developments in the region. 

latin america patient meeting

In 2019, we’ve seen a lot of sponsors push into new markets in order to tap into new resources and broaden the number of participants in trials outside the US and Europe. One region of strong interest where we’ve seen benefits such as cost, efficiency, and access to specific populations has been Latin America. To help lead the charge and tap into this pool of patients and opportunities, Worldwide Clinical Trials has brought on former IQVIA executive Gerardo Pascuali as Clinical Operations Executive Director.

Why Latin America?

With a population of over 600 million people, Latin America has long been one of the largest underrepresented patient populations for clinical trials in the world due to a lack of focus from the clinical community. The region, which is comprised of 33 countries, accounts for only 6% of the total active studies in the world, but that will soon change with the expansion of CROs like Worldwide into the market. Sponsors, in particular, are becoming more interested in regions with diverse patient pool populations so they can conduct more specialized clinical trials.

Latin America offers cost efficiencies and increased patient accessibility that is needed for delivering new treatments. Pascuali’s clinical research and regional expertise will maximize operations through the region’s unique strengths and capabilities, such as:

  • Minimal weather condition impact on patient participation
  • A diverse patient population that is easily accessible
  • Predictable regulatory pathways that facilitate project planning
  • Well-trusted physicians and patient relationships

Pascuali Brings Local Knowledge and Expertise

As Worldwide continues its commitment to expanding its global offerings in order to provide clients with access to local expertise in new, evolving regions, bringing on Pascuali will provide these advantages in Latin America. His strong community ties and local knowledge will help ensure clinical trials brought to Latin America will be expertly run and utilize all these benefits.

In his new role as Clinical Operations Executive Director, Pascuali will continue to:

  • Elevate awareness of strengths and capabilities in the region
  • Strengthen knowledge base and expertise of regulatory processes and opportunities
  • Guide clinical trials in the region to maximize resources

To learn more about Gerardo Pascuali and the opportunities for clinical trials in Latin America, read our press release here.

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