CRO Services: Therapeutic Areas of Clinical Trials

Therapeutic Excellence, Focused Expertise

The medical and scientific heritage of our team is reflected in our business philosophy, which offers you a wealth of expertise through our CRO services that include Neuroscience/Central Nervous System (neurology, psychiatry, and analgesia), Cardiovascular, Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Disorders (IMID), Rare Disease, and other therapeutic areas, such as Oncology and Respiratory Conditions. As a company, this drives the knowledge, methodological rigor and ability to link experimental design with operational imperatives that we employ for the successful completion of global clinical trials.


Worldwide Clinical Trials combines best practices in neurologic and psychiatric development as well as local and global regulatory insight to successfully meet the unique challenges of neuroscience clinical development. We are leaders in Phase I-IV neuroscience/central nervous system (CNS) trials around the world across numerous areas of neurology, pain and psychiatry.

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Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) trials are massive and multiyear, with unique demands on recruitment and retention; thus programs must be adaptable among sites and countries. We can recommend targeted approaches to drug development. CVD trials require a mosaic of services that dictate success. Our answer: powerful operational acumen, well-considered team composition, detailed communication strategies, proven recruitment and retention plans, and adept adjudication—plus 25 years of collaboration with renowned academic research organizations.

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Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Disorders

Pharmacotherapy for chronic inflammatory disease (CID) is a crowded field. Yet we have maintained a strong presence since participating in the development of leflunomide and anakinra in the 1990s. Today, biologics are major players. Exciting growth in small-molecule therapies includes first-in-class inhibitors of mPGES-1, Bruton’s tyrosine kinase, and Nod inflammasomes. Blockers of IL-17 and cell adhesion molecule (CAM) inhibitors are hot areas. The debut of biosimilars has raised the stakes. Our professionals are experienced explorers in this universe of pathogens and agents. We provide tailored strategies supported by close relationships with key opinion leaders, seasoned practitioners, and extensive investigator networks in optimal countries.

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Rare Disease

Most rare conditions are serious and life altering, and many are fatal. Yet basic knowledge of underlying mechanisms is often lacking. A considerable number are so rare that the probability of finding physicians, even specialists, who have encountered the condition is vanishingly small. These difficulties extend to site identification, medical management, administration of specialized tests and procedures, and logistical control. Our answer: impassioned staff who ally with patient groups, find and connect with experts, and wisely employ available resources.

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Other Therapeutic Expertise

In addition to our core areas – Neuroscience/Central Nervous System, Cardiovascular, Immune-Mediated Inflammatory disorders and Rare Disease – our clinicians, scientists and medical experts at Worldwide Clinical Trials have successfully completed studies in a wide range of therapeutic areas, including Oncology and Respiratory Disorders. This diverse therapeutic footprint is a reflection of our legacy at Worldwide Clinical Trials, which has emphasized methodological rigor and problem-solving capabilities as a core differentiator that applies across therapeutic areas. Our commitment to closely partnering with our sponsors to meet their unique scientific, medical and commercial needs – combined with our global reach and deep scientific and medical expertise – enable us to successfully execute upon complex clinical development plans.

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