Therapeutic Expertise & Human Engagement: A Winning Combination for Your Temporal Bone Cancer Study

A rare form of cancer, temporal bone cancer is an aggressive malignancy for which scientific consensus has yet to be established. There is no current agreement among experts upon appropriate disease staging. Although a combination of surgery and radiotherapy is the most common treatment, there remains no universal consensus for disease management. Late diagnosis is common because the symptoms can be mistaken for other ear problems. Due to the rarity of the condition and the tendency for late diagnosis, recruitment of sufficient study subjects is crucial to clinical trial success.

For the complexities of a temporal bone cancer study, trust a full-service CRO with core competencies in IMID and oncology. Worldwide Clinical Trials has a portfolio of services that spans all aspects of the trial process, including pre-trial feasibility studies, patient recruitment, protocol design, study execution, and post-trial assessment. Through predictive analytics technology, we can optimize recruitment so that you get the necessary data with minimal risk of patient noncompliance or dropout. But more than expertise and tech power, our level of engagement and collaboration with sponsor partners shows that we are accessible, lean, and flexible enough to achieve your study goals.

From Phase IIV clinical trials to real-world evidence studies, count on Worldwide Clinical Trials.