Worldwide Clinical Trials Combines Expertise with Award-Winning Service for Your Stomach Cancer Study

Stomach cancer, also known as gastric cancer, forms in the lining of the stomach. Although rates of stomach cancer are lower than in the past, outcomes for those affected have not improved significantly due to the disease’s heterogeneity and genetic complexity. Conventional treatments use chemotherapy and radiation, with new advancements emerging in targeted drugs and immunotherapy agents. The competitive landscape of oncology research makes patient and investigator recruitment a challenge for researchers.

Worldwide Clinical Trials has a history of successful clinical trials in oncology indications, from traditional cytotoxic agents to novel treatments using targeted medicine and immunotherapy. Using state-of-the-art data collection technology, we can screen patients prior to enrollment to identify those who meet inclusion/exclusion criteria, as well as those most likely to maintain compliance. Digital data collection during the trial enables real-time monitoring and, when necessary, intervention or adaptation. In addition to our global access to patients and investigator sites in 60+ countries, our award-winning performance as a CRO proves our expertise in creating patient-centric trials that render satisfying results for our sponsor partners. 

From Phase I-IV clinical trials to real-world evidence studies, count on Worldwide Clinical Trials.