Worldwide Clinical Trials Wants to Help You Improve Prostate Cancer Treatment

Prostate cancer is one of the most common forms of malignancy and a prevalent cause of cancer death in men. Heterogeneity within the disease necessitates careful attention to stratification of patients according to comorbidities and potential mortality. Currently, the most reliable forms of treatment are radiation and surgery, and researchers are working to develop more efficacious and tolerable treatments, while also refining applications of current treatments.

Worldwide Clinical Trials is ready to take on the complexities inherent in IMID and oncology research. Through collaboration with professionals, academic organizations, and patient advocacy groups, we keep ourselves at the forefront of current knowledge and trends in disease-specific research. With investigator sites in 60+ countries, our global presence gives access to patient populations and provides a strong understanding of regional variations in standards of care and regulatory considerations. As a full-service CRO with experience in Phase I-IV and real-world evidence studies, we have demonstrated award-winning service and have been recognized by industry leaders such as Life Science Leader, Nice Insights, and the Scrip Awards.