Worldwide Clinical Trials: The Full-Service CRO for Your Myasthenia Gravis Study

Myasthenia gravis (MG) is a neuromuscular disease that causes weakness of skeletal muscles. While there is no known cure, current treatments enable a relatively high quality of life and normal life expectancy. A more extreme manifestation of the condition is the myasthenic crisis, an event in which the muscles that enable breathing stop working and the individual requires assistance to breathe. Current treatments of myasthenia gravis are individualized to each patient, with the goal being to bring the patient to normal or near-normal neuromuscular function while minimizing any adverse effects. Because few treatments have been tested through prospective, placebo-controlled studies, there is much room for advancement in MG treatment.

Combining scientific knowledge with clinical and operational expertise, Worldwide Clinical Trials is the full-service CRO you want for your myasthenia gravis study. Our relationships with patient advocacy groups and top professionals keep us at the forefront of research developments, while giving us an intimate understanding of the patient experience. From digital strategies to optimize recruitment to innovative trial design to collaborative clinical monitoring services and beyond, our professionals are fully equipped to step in and support your study goals.