Worldwide Clinical Trials Mitigates Compliance Risks in Studies of Multiple Myeloma

Multiple myeloma is a cancer that forms in plasma cells and accumulates in the bone marrow. The cause is unknown, and the disease is incurable. However, research has achieved improved survival rates in the past two decades through chemotherapy and stem cell treatments. Novel treatments are proving more effective, and researchers are seeking more tolerable therapies, with the goal of achieving a balance of disease control and quality of life for patients. In oncology research, it is imperative that trial enrollment be optimized for patient inclusion and protocol compliance.

Worldwide Clinical Trials has the wherewithal to take on the challenges of patient recruitment and retention in the competitive landscape of oncology, while mitigating compliance risks associated with patient burden. Using predictive analytics, we can not only identify those patients with appropriate inclusion/exclusion criteria but also select with more precision the patients most likely to comply with trial protocol and stay the course to trial completion. Digital data reporting and monitoring technologies enable study stakeholders to see data in real time and react to adverse or unplanned events in a timely manner. Balancing patient centricity with investigative collaboration, we ensure logistical and regulatory requirements are met, while creating the optimal conditions for patient compliance.

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