Trust Worldwide Clinical Trials with the Sensitivities of Your Addiction Intervention Study

Although all clinical trials are subject to oversight and regulation, those addressing alcohol and drug dependencies have ethical and legal considerations above and beyond their clinical mandates.

Studies that investigate the safety and efficacy of pharmacological therapies for addiction treatment will assess patients based on self-reporting measures and on biological markers. People suffering from addiction often have other associated health issues, such as cardiovascular diseases, mental health conditions, and various forms of cancer, as well as infectious diseases resulting from the modes used to administer the abused substances. In many cases it becomes difficult to determine which of the patient’s conditions is the cause and which is the effect.

Any study of pharmaceutical interventions for addictions will need meticulous design and execution to ensure that patient data is accurate and reliable and that study protocol and investigational procedures meet all regulatory and legal requirements.

With Worldwide Clinical Trials, you can be assured that your trial will be designed with precision to attain the necessary data from the appropriate patients and that your protocols and procedures will fall within regulatory and legal parameters. And because we are a global company, our understanding of regulations and laws extends to the particular geographic regions in which we operate.

We have supported clinical researchers as a full-service CRO for 30+ years. From Phase I to Phase IV and real-world evidence, Worldwide is ready to be your partner.