Depend on Worldwide to Manage Your Pain Therapy Study

The scientific community consolidates pain into just a few categories – acute vs. chronic, nociceptive vs. neuropathic – and a considerable amount of research is conducted for those categories. But pain, as individuals experience it, does not always seem to present itself with that framework in mind. Why do some people develop complex regional pain syndrome? Why do others experience hyperalgesia? Why do certain approaches to pain – from acupuncture to mirror therapy to placebo – seem to work as well as they do to alleviate pain?

Clinical research focused on pain and nontraditional pain therapies is expanding. At the same time, this research poses unique challenges – in terms of qualified practitioners of a particular technique, for example, or in terms of the facilities where clinical trials can take place. Other challenges, from language issues to ethical issues, abound.

Worldwide’s experience in navigating these challenges makes us the CRO of choice when it comes to pain research. We have been setting up and managing clinical trials for more than 30 years, and our reach is expansive, with local professionals around the globe. We can help you secure suitable participants and sites for your trials. We can help you train clinicians to conduct your trials and gather the data you need to take your work to the next stage. We also offer real-world evidence clinical research services to help you understand the effects of your therapy not only in the near term, when pain is most acute, but also over the long term, when reliance on your therapy might pose other issues.