Worldwide’s Global Reach & Strategic Protocols Get Results for Insomnia Studies

Insomnia is of great significance to sufferers of the condition because it affects general quality of life and can exacerbate or even create other health problems. Challenges to researchers in pharmacology clinical trials for insomnia include the identification of suitable study participants, as sleep disorders are often comorbid with other conditions.

For your sleep disorder study, Worldwide Clinical Trials brings a massive background in central nervous system research, extending back to the 1970s with its original work on dementia conditions. We have been involved in the design, execution, or analysis of more than 100 neurology trials. Our presence in 60+ countries enables us to access patient groups in remote areas, ensuring you have sufficient numbers for your data requirements. Combining our global reach with effective methods for identifying suitable patients, our expertise in clinical trial planning and strategy will ensure that your insomnia study is run efficiently, on time, and within budget.