Conduct Your Down Syndrome Study with an Experienced CRO

Clinical research into procedures and therapies relating to Down syndrome face a wide array of challenges. Are you working on a less invasive but more accurate diagnostic procedure? Are you working on a therapy that might approach treatment of Down syndrome at the genetic level? Researchers working in these areas require very different kinds of clinical trial support – yet Worldwide Clinical Trials has a long history of providing full-service support for both new diagnostic protocols and gene therapies.

Approximately 6,000 children are born in the United States with Down syndrome each year, [i] and a far higher number of women are screened and tested during pregnancy to detect Down syndrome. For researchers focused on addressing issues related to Down syndrome, Worldwide Clinical Trials offers more than 30 years of experience managing full-service Phase IPhase IV trials in areas ranging from women’s health to pediatric and genetic therapies.

With Worldwide, researchers know that they will receive a stable project team of professionals already deeply experienced in research related to Down syndrome. They turn to the Worldwide team for experienced insight into their development plan, detailed and expert feasibility analysis, and the ability to deliver their project on time and on budget.