Worldwide Clinical Trials Knows How to Get the Data You Need for Your Myocardial Infarction Study

Myocardial infarction (MI), commonly known as heart attack, occurs when blood flow to the heart slows down or stops, causing sharp pain and damage to the heart muscle.

MI research seeks to find novel cardioprotective treatments that can either prevent heart attack or reduce its effects on the patient. Because patient mortality is the conventional study end point for MI research, it is important to incorporate multivariable analysis into the study, as other factors contributing to this end point, such as old age, may be at play.

For your MI study, a CRO partnership with Worldwide Clinical Trials means you get the accumulated knowledge and expertise of decades of cardiovascular research. Our collaborations with a number of academic research organizations in the field of cardiovascular health means we are at the forefront of trends and new research in cardiac health.

By relying on us for study design and investigational monitoring, you’ll get the enrollment criteria and study protocols that produce a rich level of data to meet your trial requirements.