Worldwide Clinical Trials Welcomes the Challenges of Your Angioplasty Study

Angioplasty has become a common treatment for narrow or blocked blood vessels supplying the heart. While patients run the risk of relapse as the blood vessels tend toward restenosis, the procedure is preferred to more invasive surgical interventions. Researchers seeking more effective and safe treatments for angiostenosis face growing complexity in traditional, randomized controlled trials, increasing costs and study duration, patient recruitment/retention challenges, and increasing regulatory considerations. As traditional study designs can be prohibitive, there is opportunity for those who can innovate and find alternative approaches to patient enrollment and data collection.

This is where Worldwide Clinical Trials can do its best work. With its intimate knowledge of regulations, both in the US and abroad, and an ear to the ground for trends that signal regulatory changes, we are able to bring a pragmatic approach to trial design while ensuring your study remains fully compliant. Our collaborative relationships with cardiovascular research organizations means we have access to leading science in the field. And our global access to investigative sites and patient populations, combined with electronic data collection technologies, means we’re equipped to face the challenges of patient recruitment, engagement, and retention.