2019 Predictions for Real-World Evidence Studies: Prediction #4

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Just a few years ago, “bundling” referred to drug/device combinations, but now we’re seeing fascinating pairings between drugs and innovative technologies, designed to optimize a drug’s success. Read more about our fourth prediction for real-world evidence in 2019.

Pill bottle with spilled pills

Prediction #4: Way Beyond the Pill

As recent as just a few years back, “bundling” referred to drug/device combinations, but now we’re seeing fascinating pairings of drugs and technology specifically designed to maximize the chances of the drug truly achieving its therapeutic potential through adherence management, behavior modification, and real-time outcomes tracking. In one form or another, the technological support will be designed (as naturalistically as possible) to maximize a product’s therapeutic benefit while providing alerts to events that might affect the outcome so that an intervention can be immediately implemented. Outcomes will also be tracked, which is an often overlooked, albeit critical, aspect of value-based contracts (and we’ll see a lot more of this in 2019, as well).

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These are just a few predictions for a fascinating and rapidly evolving landscape that will have important implications for nearly every aspect of drug development and commercialization in clinical research and in patient care. One thing is crystal clear: many of the changes the healthcare industry is experiencing will be fundamentally transformational, along the lines of the radical shifts being experienced in communications, transportation, and consumerism. As the implications for “traditional” operational and organizational processes can be expected to be profound, woe to those that haven’t initiated task forces to, at a very minimum, begin thinking about and managing change. Success will be reflected in the 2020 vision and achieved and implemented well before that particular year is in sight.

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