GeNeuro and Worldwide Pursue First Clinical Efficacy Study of Breakthrough MS Drug

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Multiple Sclerosis

Worldwide Clinical Trials recently teamed up with GeNeuro, a clinical stage pharmaceutical company, to develop a new approach to the treatment of autoimmune diseases. Currently, the teams are working on the first clinical efficacy study of GNbAC1, a promising new approach for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.

Multiple Sclerosis

By The Editors of Talking Trials

Multiple Sclerosis (MS), which affects the lives of an estimated 2.3 million people globally, is a debilitating, heterogeneous disease with considerable variation in the clinical, radiographic, genetic, pathologic, and biologic features among patients.1 Such differences can present challenges in MS clinical trial design, outcome measure definitions, and endpoint selection.

We invite you to join GeNeuro and Worldwide for the on-demand recording of our complimentary webinar, “Moving the Needle Forward on Multiple Sclerosis Research” to:

  • Get insights into a real case study showcasing results from a recent Phase IIb Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) clinical trial
  • Understand the clinical trial strategy and how key endpoints related to neuroprotection were selected
  • Identify risk mitigation strategies that can be leveraged across central nervous system (CNS) indications to reduce clinical development time and costs
  • Learn about the breakthrough results of this clinical study and what they mean for future MS research
  • Hear what investigators are saying about the regulator and commercial outlook of the final product

Why wait? Watch the webinar now!

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Connect with Worldwide’s MS experts:

  • AnneClaude Muratet, Executive Director, Global Project Management, Neuroscience, Neurology Franchise Lead
    • 20 years of CRO and pharma leadership
    • Contributed to the development of the EMA registration dossier of a novel antidepressant
  • Carla Lema-Tome, Ph.D., MBA, Therapeutic Strategy Lead, CNS
    • Leader in CNS clinical trial strategies
    • Trusted innovator at the forefront of new, uncommon approaches and methodologies
  • Tomislav Babic, M.D., Ph.D., Vice President, Neuroscience Franchise
    • Board-certified neurologist
    • Experienced in designing protocols and programs for randomized controlled clinical trials



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