An Uncommon Early Phase Experience: Experts Share What Makes Worldwide Different


Meet Our Early Phase Experts

My name is Sherilyn Adcock. I’m the executive vice president in the scientific solutions division for Worldwide Clinical Trials. I’ve been in clinical research for about 28 years. I have been with Worldwide for 20 years, almost, at this point.

My name is George J. Atiee. I’m a family practice physician. I’m the medical director and vice president of the Worldwide phase one unit. I came to Worldwide Clinical Trials because I had the opportunity to take on the position of medical director. And I had been in research for, at that time, approximately 20 years.

Sherilyn Adcock Discusses Our 300-Bed Clinical Research Unit in San Antonio, TX and the Importance of Healthy Volunteers

The site in San Antonio, Texas is the clinical research site where we have volunteers, participants that participate in healthy volunteer studies, as well as patient studies. Our volunteers are really a core part of our business here. They’re just as important to us as our sponsors. Without those volunteers, we can’t conduct clinical trials, so it’s very important that we treat them well within the confines of the protocol and what’s required with the protocol.

One of the things that’s most important, I think, for some of our clients, some of them are very small companies. There may have five individuals. I may get a call from a consultant for a client, and the client is one individual. Those clients are just as important to us as the larger pharma clients. We enjoy helping those individuals, and that’s one of my passions and one of the passions of many people here is helping those small companies succeed. When they succeed, we succeed, and it makes you feel really good when that happens.

George Atiee Discusses Worldwide’s:

  • – CLIA Safety Testing
  • – On-Site cGMP Phase 1 Compounding Pharmacy Service
  • – Local PK Bioanalytical Validation and GLP Testing

Over the last few years, we’ve made significant investments in our clinical lab, in our pharmacy, and in a new EDC system called ClinSpark. All of these basically are state-of-the-art in their field.

The lab itself was built and designed specifically to house the equipment that we purchased. The design process took into account all of the environmental parameters that are required to have an appropriate lab. So, we were able to, prior to installing the lab, we designed it, and it’s basically a purpose-built space for the lab to operate in.

That’s very important in that we can offer a quick turnaround and quick response and, and results to physicians and to sponsors so that we can move forward and move quickly within a protocol.

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