Site vs. Remote Inter-Rater Reliability of the PANSS and Information Demand

Clinical Research

The PANSS assessment is the cornerstone of efficacy analysis for a majority of clinical trials. Raters play a significant role in obtaining this data. This is typically site raters, but the use of remote raters is increasing. A multitude of studies fail to demonstrate change in symptoms based on PANSS scoring. It is critical that sources of variability among raters is minimized in order to ensure that PANSS assessments are accurate.
This poster is written by Bethanne Friedmann, PsyD, Henry Riordan, PhD, Erin Kornsey, MS, Evan Braxton, Michael F. Murphy, MD, PhD, and Neal R. Cutler, MD.


Determination of Endogenous Serotonin in Human Plasma

Central Nervous System (CNS)

Serotonin in human plasma is an important biochemical index for diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems and is extremely helpful in monitoring certain drug therapies. In patients where conversion to serotonin is inhibited, the concentrations can be extremely low and a significant challenge to measure. The data presented here demonstrates its ability to measure a wide range of baseline levels.
This poster is written by Michael P. Sullivan, and Orlando E. Espinosa.