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Worldwide Clinical Trials’ Experts to Advance Discussion on Innovative Strategies for Translational Research Services

MORRISVILLE, NC, AUG 14, 2017 – To advance dialogue on uncommon approaches to clinical research and development challenges, Worldwide Clinical Trials (www.worldwide.com) will host the next in its series of ‘Eavesdropping on the Experts’ webinars, titled “When Phase Matters: Innovative Strategies for Translational Research Services.” Worldwide clinical research experts in early development, bioanalytical sciences and rare disease will address the importance of an integrated approach to study design and operations throughout the various phases of clinical trials.

  • WHAT: Complimentary, Live Webinar: “When Phase Matters: Innovative Strategies for Translational Research Services”
  • WHEN: 11am ET on Wednesday, August 16, 2017
  • WHERE: Reserve your spot today. Register online here.
    • Host: Michael F. Murphy, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Medical and Scientific Officer
    • Sherilyn Adcock, Ph.D., M.S. – Ph.D.- Pharmacy Research, Executive Vice President, Medical and Scientific Affairs, Early Development
    • Allison House, Director, Business Development
    • Steve Unger, Ph.D., Senior Vice President and Laboratory Director, Bioanalytical Sciences
    • Leslie Wetherell, Executive Director, Rare Disease Franchise

Pulling from the deep insights and practical experience gleaned by running hundreds of clinical trials, the Worldwide expert panel will explore topics critical to improving the clinical development process, including: 

  • Is the current R&D environment enhanced by a strategic sponsor-CRO relationship for translational services?
  • Is the concept of “early versus late phase” development teams applicable in an era of innovative technology, unique clinical targets, and occasionally truncated development programs?
  • What are the adaptations needed in services, facilities, and staffing for informed transitions during development?

This informative session is the latest in Worldwide’s ongoing, complimentary webinar series. To access on-demand versions of past webinars, visit www.worldwide.com/webinars, or for further information about Worldwide Clinical Trials, please visit Worldwide.com.

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