Enhancing Sponsor Outcomes: The Power of In-House Clinical Assessment Support

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By Rolana Avrumson, MS, Vice President of Clinical Projects, Clinical Assessment Technologies

In the intricate world of clinical trials, the precision and reliability of clinical assessments stand as pivotal factors in determining a trial’s success. Expertly managed clinical assessments by a team with fastidious attention to detail optimizes precision and reliability and helps you successfully navigate the complex terrain of clinical research.

While the traditional approach often leans towards external rater training vendors, Worldwide’s in-house Clinical Assessment Technologies (CAT) team offers enhanced trial outcomes, seamlessly blending decades of assessment expertise, efficiency, and adaptability in clinical operations.

The In-House Clinical Assessment Support Advantage: A Closer Look

Working with outside rater training vendors, while beneficial in certain contexts, often introduces layers of complexity, potential delays, and fragmentation in communication and processes. The contrast becomes stark when compared to in-house capabilities which provide a more cohesive and dynamic trial environment:

  1. Streamlined Study Start-Up: Having an in-house team accelerates study initiation through cohesive coordination, eliminating the usual back-and-forth that can happen between study team members (including the sponsor, CRO, and site staff) and the training vendor. This integration results in significant time savings, setting the stage for a smoother trial journey.
  2. Financial and Operational Efficiencies: Beyond the obvious cost benefits, having an in-house team streamlines workflows, reducing redundancies and fostering operational agility.
  3. Strategic Site Selection: Leveraging historical data and firsthand experience, they excel in identifying the most suitable sites, enhancing recruitment and overall study performance.
  4. Enhanced CRA Training: It also allows Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) to receive tailored training and access ongoing support if needed, enhancing their capacity to monitor and ensure adherence to protocols and scale documentation.
  5. Direct Support for Clinical Teams: Immediate access to assessment expertise significantly benefits clinical and operational teams; our CAT team immediately identifies potential risks and rate limiters and communicates these to the study team, ensuring timely resolutions and smoother trial execution.
  6. Informed Clinical Outcome Assessments (COA) Endpoint Selection: In-house teams have easy access to global scientific experts, neurologists, psychiatrists, statisticians, and more at the CRO, facilitating the cross-functional selection of the most appropriate COAs.
  7. Efficient Regulatory Navigation: They also bring a nuanced understanding of regulatory landscapes, aiding in more effective communications and approvals around COA endpoints by identifying linguistic requirements, GDPR and patient privacy considerations, redaction requirements, and approaches to standardization and data monitoring.
  8. Rapid Response to Data Integrity Issues: The ability to quickly identify and rectify data issues, particularly those stemming from rater variability, is greatly enhanced, safeguarding the trial’s integrity.
  9. Mitigation of Placebo Effects and Reporting Inaccuracies: In-house teams are adept at implementing strategies to minimize the risks associated with heightened placebo and nocebo response, inconsistent and inaccurate data reporting, as well as patient compliance issues, thereby preserving the trial’s scientific validity. Immediate access to data and the organization’s biostatisticians, programmers, and clinical scientists allows for better and more meaningful data monitoring.

Join Worldwide on an Integrated Path to Assessment Success

Our in-house CAT team isn’t just about operational excellence; it’s also about specialized expertise in key therapeutic areas. With a deep focus on psychiatry, neurology, oncology, rare diseases, and more, we ensure that our study assessments are precisely administered, scored, and tailored to each therapeutic domain’s unique challenges and nuances. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of neurological assessments, brainstorming approaches to address the need for virtual functional assessments, or ensuring inter-rater reliability in rare disease trials, our team’s expertise ensures that we’re always aligned with the latest in therapeutic advancements, driving better outcomes and more meaningful insights in every study we undertake.

By embedding CAT expertise within the core trial framework, we not only streamline processes but also elevate the quality and efficacy of clinical research for our sponsors. Our cohesive approach, characterized by its agility, precision, and collaborative spirit, transforms our partnerships.

Learn more about our CAT services, and contact us to discuss how our in-house team can support your trial.

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