Bioanalysis through automation: Our top four takeaways

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Revolutionizing Bioanalysis through Automation

Our team has been working diligently to find a way to revitalize how we use automation, and during WRIB this year, we presented a poster on “Revolutionizing Bioanalysis through Automation: Overcoming Challenges and Unlocking Potential.” In case you missed it, we’ve highlighted the top four takeaways:

1. Instrument Integration: At both hardware and software levels, our integration of multiple bioanalytical instruments created a total laboratory automation (TLA) system for ligand binding assays. 

2. Setting Optimization: After optimizing all system settings, we ensured consistent, accurate, and precise high-quality assay results.

3. High Throughput System: We established a high throughput system capable of significantly enhancing our capacity and speed of operations.

4. Time Savings: With the increased quality and throughput, we can validate assays in just a few days as opposed to weeks.  

Want to learn exactly how we did it? Download our poster today.

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