A Bold New Path for International Research and Clinical Trials

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Mark May 20 as International Clinical Trials Awareness Day and introduce Peter Benton’s thought leadership platform/webinar series “To the [end]Point”

There is no better time than May 20, International Clinical Trials Awareness Day, to take a moment to appreciate the positive impact of clinical research. Our world will forever operate differently because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s been gratifying to see all the research innovation and collaboration that brought us to multiple vaccine solutions with unprecedented safety and speed.

I’m also proud of how tirelessly our team at Worldwide Clinical Trials worked with our sponsors to pivot in the face of uncertainty. COVID-19 certainly accelerated the pace of change within the clinical trial industry. Yet, when challenged with the operational, financial, and clinical unknowns of a global pandemic, we and our sponsors came together in the truest spirit of partnership to ensure that critical research across the globe continued to advance.

Lighting the Path Forward

Worldwide is honored to be a part of helping make a difference in the world of clinical research, and we recognize that there is “No Going Back” after the disruption of COVID-19. To continue to light the path of discovery, we must focus on the future, honor the lessons we’ve learned throughout the pandemic, and preserve all the progress we’ve made in clinical trial development.

The industry has learned bold new ways to conduct trials. Now is the time to share those lessons, examine what good CRO-sponsor partnerships and governance look like, and explore best practices for the new path forward. We certainly know the dauntingly complex challenges, from rigorous data requirements and close regulatory scrutiny to intricate logistics and intense cost pressures. The stress of make-or-break trial outcomes is immense.

Solving those complexities requires relationships designed to make a difference. Partnerships matter, especially for small to midsized pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies doing essential research. The right CRO partnership alignment can assist with navigating regulatory roadblocks and ensure higher-quality delivery, time efficiencies, and economies of scale. When done right, the CRO-sponsor relationship should be rich, rewarding, long-lived, and profitable.

Best Practice Solutions through Connected Conversations

The key to achieving clinical trial success is teamwork. It’s collaborative partnerships with the knowledge, skill, and dedication to navigate the challenges that inevitably arise.

That’s why I’m thrilled to launch a series of pointed discussions aimed at facilitating conversation and collaboration. “To the [end]Point” will bring together industry experts and thought leaders for a candid look at ways to jump-start best practices on the bold new path forward.

Join us on Wednesday, June 16, from 3:00 – 4:00 pm ET for the first live discussion in the “To the [end]Point” series. During the session, I’ll lead a discussion on how COVID-19 has forever changed the game for healthcare and clinical research, with insights from industry luminaries:

Domingo Rodriguez, MD, Executive VP of Clinical Operations at Veru
Laurie Halloran, President and CEO at Halloran Consulting Group
• Craig Lipset, Founder of Clinical Innovation Partners

COVID-19 has more clearly defined our priorities and has expanded our capacity for innovation. As we look forward with hope to a resolution of this global crisis, we have an unprecedented opportunity to explore best practices on the revolutionary new path for clinical research.

Please join our To the [end]Point conversations.

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