For Your Soft Tissue Sarcoma Study, Worldwide Clinical Trials Has Your Bases Covered

In addition to traditional treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, advances are being made in the use of therapies targeting soft tissue sarcoma – a rare form of cancer that begins in the connective tissues. The rarity of this disease and the variation in its stages create a double-barreled challenge for researchers because the small pool of affected patients requires further differentiation to establish reliable end points.

With a team of professionals specializing in core areas of IMID, rare disease, and oncology, among others, Worldwide Clinical Trials can offer a multidisciplinary team and strategic design for your soft tissue sarcoma study. With global access to investigators and remote patient populations, we can optimize your recruitment potential. As experts in translational research, we serve as a mediator between pure science and the pharmaceutical industry. And, our 30+ year history in clinical trial execution has given us a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape. With us as your CRO partner, you know you’re covered.

When you’re ready to take the next step in your drug development program, whether it’s in Phase I-IV clinical trials or a real-world evidence study, contact Worldwide Clinical Trials.