Rely on Worldwide to Advance Your Work on Kawasaki Disease

According to the Kawasaki Disease Foundation, this rare disease is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children.[1]

Are you among the researchers focusing on interventions related to Kawasaki disease? Diagnosing Kawasaki is not an exact science. The call is only made when a child has had a high fever for more than five days and presents at least four of the five symptoms that characterize the disease. When Kawasaki disease is diagnosed, one of the prescribed treatments involves large doses of aspirin, which itself can cause complications in children.

Are you working on a procedure to improve early diagnostics? Or perhaps you are working on novel anti-inflammatory medications that would mitigate the effects of Kawasaki disease without increasing the risk of complications such as Reye’s syndrome.

Whatever you are doing, you’re eventually going to need to test the fruits of your Kawasaki disease research in clinical trials, and that’s where Worldwide Clinical Trials can help you move your work forward. Worldwide has been supporting researchers in the realm of immune-mediated inflammatory disorders (IMID) for more than 30 years. We’re internationally recognized experts in clinical trial management, offering full-service support for Phase I-Phase IV trials. We also offer real-world evidence clinical research services that can help you follow the impact of your work over the long term.

When it’s time to advance your work to the next step, take that next step with Worldwide at your side.