Worldwide Connects Patients with Lifesaving Science in Testicular Cancer Studies

Testicular cancer is a malignant tumor that starts in the cells of the testicle. Advances in chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation have resulted in the refinement of chemotherapy schedules and a deeper understanding of genetic causation. For those at advanced stages of the disease, improved palliative care treatments have contributed to improved quality of life. Adding to the challenge of recruiting patients and investigators in the competitive field of oncology research, testicular cancer research can benefit from access to treatment-naïve patient populations.

A full-service CRO with the flexibility and accessibility of a midsize company, Worldwide Clinical Trials can bring a team of oncology and IMID experts to work on your testicular cancer study. With access to investigator sites in remote areas, such as eastern Europe, where there is ample opportunity for advancement in treatments, as well as an understanding of variations in standards of care and regulatory requirements, we can identify the ideal patient populations to meet your inclusion/exclusion criteria and provide investigators who have been appropriately screened and trained to adhere to study protocol. Combined with our clinical expertise, our strong relationships with academia, industry, and regulatory bodies make us the link that connects groundbreaking science with the patients who need lifesaving treatment.