For Ovarian Cancer Research, Worldwide Clinical Trials Is the Strategic Choice

In recent decades, ovarian cancer research has made improvements in treatments but has yet to identify a cure. However, survival rates have increased due to the improvement of surgery and chemotherapy as treatment options; thus, the research focus is shifting toward treatment of ovarian cancer as a chronic disease. Some streams of study focus on subgroups of ovarian cancer, as well as articulation of risk factors in order to identify preventative treatments. Recruitment of participants is a challenge, due to the typical age of ovarian cancer patients combined with the burden of participating in a clinical trial.


Worldwide Clinical Trials is your CRO partner of choice for full-service clinical trial design and execution. With decades of medical and scientific research experience, our team brings a full portfolio of trial design and a patient assessment arsenal to the table so that you can optimize study protocol while maintaining regulatory compliance. Our predictive analytics technology applies recruitment and retention strategies to screen for inclusion/exclusion criteria, while at the same time identifying those patients most likely to comply with protocol and remain with the trial to completion. Combine this strategic trial management expertise with a dedicated team bringing decades of research experience, and you can be assured of optimal results. From Phase I-IV clinical trials to real-world evidence studies, count on Worldwide Clinical Trials.