Worldwide Clinical Trials Is the Award-Winning Choice for Your Colorectal Cancer Study

A prominent cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States, colorectal cancer has a high risk of recurrence. Current treatments include cytotoxic and biologic systemic therapies, surgery, radiology, and radiation therapies. Clinical research requires a multidisciplinary team approach to identify key biomarkers. Challenges around appropriate stratification of patients with the condition will affect recruitment and enrollment criteria. The increasing complexity around cancer research means studies will have longer timelines and higher costs.

When your margin for error is slim, an award-winning CRO like Worldwide Clinical Trials is your best bet for reliable results. Our pre-trial analytics can explore feasibility and help you establish appropriate inclusion/exclusion criteria to optimize your patient enrollment. Using expert trial design strategies with customized protocol, we can mitigate the risk of failure while maintaining regulatory standards. With oncology specialists on our team and relationships with a network of investigators and research institutions, we have up-to-the-minute cancer knowledge within arm’s reach. And because we are a midsize CRO, you can rely on us to respond quickly and give your project our full attention.