As Breast Cancer Studies Are Increasingly Complex, Worldwide Is Here

Advanced knowledge about breast cancer not only benefits patients but also poses new challenges to those seeking safer and more effective treatments. As achievements in targeted therapy and cytotoxic chemotherapy have reduced mortality, current research focuses on prevention, improved therapies, and prevention of relapse. The level of complexity emerging adds to our knowledge of the disease and its subsets and increases to the difficulty of achieving trial success, particularly at the critical market approval phase.

For the challenges of a project as complex as a breast cancer study, you want the full coverage Worldwide Clinical Trials can provide. We are a full-service CRO partner, offering pre-study feasibility analytics and consultancy, study protocol design, patient recruitment, and investigator monitoring – all the way through to post-trial analysis. With a dedicated team working on your project and our years of experience in oncology research, you can rest assured knowing you are getting the best expertise and our full attention to your needs. By combining our trial management strengths with our global network of investigator sites and patient populations, your partnership with Worldwide optimizes your chances for trial success.