Trial Your Solution for Type 1 Diabetes with Worldwide

Individuals diagnosed with type 1 diabetes have no ability to produce insulin. They need daily doses of insulin to survive – usually delivered by an injection or a more novel device, such as an insulin pump. Without this daily dose of insulin, fatal consequences can follow.

There is neither broad agreement on the cause of type 1 diabetes nor is a cure available. Yet researchers are actively looking at treatments that can improve the quality and longevity of life for those struggling with type 1 diabetes.

If you’re one of those researchers, you need access to a population of clinical trial participants who actually have type 1 diabetes – and that’s just 5% of the total population struggling with diabetes. You need access to clinicians and facilities that are familiar with type 1 diabetes, and you need teams of people supporting your efforts who know the challenges facing those who research type 1 diabetes, including protocol compliance challenges.

With more than 30 years of experience supporting IMID research, Worldwide is an internationally acclaimed expert in clinical trial management. We offer full-service support for Phase I-Phase IV clinical trials as well as real-world evidence clinical research services. Whether you are working on a new mechanism for insulin delivery, new forms of insulin, or even new procedures that can help those dealing with type 1 diabetes regain an ability to produce insulin, Worldwide is a proven partner than can help you succeed.