For Your Osteosarcoma Study, Worldwide Clinical Trials Optimizes Compliance Through Patient-Centric Practices

Osteosarcoma is a cancer that begins in the bones, most often occurring in adolescents and young adults. The past three decades of research have seen no change in survival rates. The disease is typically treated through surgery and chemotherapy, but chemotherapy treatment conventions specific to this disease have yet to be established. Researchers are seeking to improve efficacy of treatments through less invasive approaches. Developments in immunotherapies and targeted therapies show potential for new treatment options to augment chemotherapy for improved patient survival rates.

With its experience in groundbreaking research, the team of professionals at Worldwide Clinical Trials bring scientific, medical, and operational expertise together. Worldwide’s full-service offering is delivered by a flexible and accessible team of dedicated professionals. By partnering with academic and patient advocacy groups, we are able to stay abreast of new developments, while also gaining deep understanding of the needs of study subjects. This patient-centric approach is particularly important in studies with vulnerable patient populations, such as pediatrics, in which patient and caregiver burden must be addressed to optimize protocol compliance and patient retention.