Trust Worldwide’s Innovative Study Design for Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathy

Idiopathic inflammatory myopathies, or myositis, refers to a group of disorders characterized by inflammation of the skeletal muscles. The condition affects mobility and also can cause fatigue and joint pain. Although the cause of myositis remains unknown, contributing factors may be genetic and environmental. Diagnosis, classification, and treatment of the disease are all subjects of debate among researchers, and current treatments involve suppression of immunologic response but do not treat the underlying condition.

Worldwide Clinical Trials has been at the forefront of clinical research since its inception in the 1970s when it was exploring groundbreaking therapies in unknown dementia-related conditions. Currently, our team of IMID researchers understand the complexities inherent in inflammatory disorders, seeking out the underlying immunopathology contributing to the troubling symptoms. Applying adaptive trial designs when appropriate, we combine innovation with a deep knowledge of the regulatory landscape to ensure that your results meet requirements. And, with investigator sites in 60+ countries, we can identify remote patient populations to ensure that data quantity matches its high quality.