Worldwide Clinical Trials’ Team Brings Transparency and Accessibility to Your Gout Study

Gout is a form of recurrent inflammatory arthritis whereby crystallized uric acid in the bloodstream causes sudden intense pain, swelling, and redness in the joints, tendons, and surrounding tissues. The condition has significant implications for the healthcare system because it tends to contribute to further health complications resulting from functional impairment. Current treatments involve urate-lowering therapies, but more research is required into the diagnosis and management of gout. Studies of targeted therapies require specificity in patient classification and identification of appropriate end point measures.

With our background in IMID research, we understand the complexities associated with inflammatory disorders, and we take an approach that explores the underlying immunopathology that contributes to the condition. In collaboration with the sponsor and with our network of investigative sites, our dedicated study management team can bring your project into sharp focus. Our award-winning accessibility and real-time data monitoring capabilities ensure that your study achieves reliable data through a process that is timely and transparent.