Trust Worldwide’s Tradition of Groundbreaking Research for Your Celiac Disease Study

Celiac disease is an immune reaction to gluten in food that can lead to damage in the lining of the small intestine and failure to absorb nutrients. It has no known cure, and, as such, the only effective treatment is a gluten-free diet. Current research focuses on novel treatments that may be used to supplement diet modification. There is opportunity to explore means of reversing the intestinal damage that remains even after the patient is treated. Exploration of pharmaceutical therapies for celiac disease will require identification of suitable primary and secondary end points.

From its earliest days exploring unidentified CNS disorders in the 1970s to its more recent work in rare diseases, Worldwide Clinical Trials has a long history of groundbreaking pharmacological research, and we are constantly evolving to incorporate new knowledge and concepts in clinical research. Our scientific and clinical specialists approach IMID studies from the understanding that treatment must target not only the site of the disease but also the underlying conditions that contribute to it. As a midsize CRO, we are agile enough to adapt to the specific needs of your trial by identifying appropriate end points and assessment tools, including patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures, as needed. And as a full-service organization, we can bring that specialized attention to every aspect of your research project.